Anglin Falls

By Jeremy Patton

Anglin Falls is located in John B. Stephenson Memorial Forest SNP in Berea, Kentucky.

Anglin Falls, Berea, Kentucky 5/5/17

From Berea College (at the intersection near Union Church and the Alumni Building), drive south on KY-595 for 2.3 miles. Bear right onto KY-1617. Continue for 2.5 miles then bear left onto KY-1787. Continue for 2.2 miles then turn left onto Hammonds Fork Road. Continue for 0.9 miles then turn right onto Anglin Falls Road. Continue for 0.9 miles then turn left at the sign that says “Anglin Falls Parking.” The 800-foot gravel road terminates at the parking lot and trailhead. The turn-in resembles a private driveway.

Anglin Falls Trail is 0.7 miles one-way. It is has lots of ups and downs, so I consider it easy to moderate. It is well-maintained and relatively safe to hike in the summer because no bushwhacking is required. It would be a good place to bring your family.

On 5/5/17, Anglin Falls roared after lots of rain. Judging by the small size of its stream, its average flow is probably mediocre. Plan your visit accordingly.

Anglin Falls 5/5/17

It was about 70 feet high and resided at the end of a cliff-encircled gorge. Smaller waterfalls might exist below the trail, but I forewent any off-trail exploring due to ticks and snakes. I might return this winter.

My mother died about two weeks ago, so this was the first time that I forced myself to get out and be active. I only encountered five people during the hike, five more than desired. If you seek solitude, Anglin Falls TrailĀ is not the best destination because it is fairly well-known and advertised.

The trail clearly received a lot of traffic, but I spotted little trash.

Below Anglin Falls

Added 5/5/17 – Updated 5/8/17