Arches of Pine Creek Gorge

By Jeremy Patton

Pine Creek Arch #1 and #2 are located in Pine Creek Gorge in Laurel County, Kentucky.

Pine Creek Arch #1 on 1/28/17

Pine Creek Arch #2 on 1/28/17

The gorge is rugged, isolated and scarcely visited, hence why I love it. The same is true of these two humble arches. I found no graffiti, trash or human tracks.

Pine Creek Arch #1 resided at the base of a cliff. It was large enough for a human to crawl through. It was in plain view and easy to find.

Pine Creek Arch #2 was located higher in the cliffs. It was larger than the first arch and part of a fairly large rock shelter. I could stoop and pass under it.

I am confident that these arches are unknown; I will not reveal their locations because some people might vandalize them.

Pine Creek Gorge is beautiful, but dangerous, especially near KY-80. Please do not enter unless you are in shape and know how to navigate.

Pine Creek Arch #2

Added 1/28/17 – Updated 1/30/17