Bald Rock Overlook

By Jeremy Patton

Looking north on 2/4/16

Looking north on 2/4/16

Bald Rock Overlook is located in Daniel Boone National Forest, Laurel County, Kentucky.

From Bee Rock Recreation Area, drive east on KY-192 for approximately 2.5 miles. Turn right onto Bald Rock Cemetery Road, also known as FR 4144 (gravel). Continue for about 0.75 miles until the gravel ends at a field. Park on the roadside then continue west on foot, following a well-defined dirt path less than half a mile to the overlook.

I have long wondered why this area is called Bald Rock. You pass Bald Rock Cemetery on your way to the dirt path. Bald Rock Picnic Area is located about 6 miles east via KY-192 and Bald Rock Fire Department resides approximately 2.25 miles south via KY-192, KY-1193 and KY-3497.

I might have finally found the answer on February 4, 2016.

I expected the unofficial trail to descend to the Rockcastle River. Instead, it led to a rocky prominence perched over a one-mile stretch of the river. It is now my favorite Laurel County overlook because it is rarely visited and the only visible sign of humanity is a distant power-line clearing. The stunning scene feels wild and remote.

For now, my best guess is that “Bald Rock” refers to this prominence, although it would not be so bald without maintenance (numerous sawed stumps attest to that fact).

The hike is easy, though it is uphill on the return.

Looking south on 2/4/16

Looking south on 2/4/16

I later introduced the Bearded Dwarf to the spot

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