Dykes Bridge Launch Site

By Jeremy Patton

The Dykes Bridge launch site is located in Pulaski County, Kentucky. It is not a boat ramp.

Buck Creek, east of Dykes Bridge on 9/4/16

Buck Creek, east of Dykes Bridge on 9/4/16

From Bee Rock Recreation Area, drive west on KY-192 for about 8 miles to Dykes Bridge, a major span of Buck Creek. Park in the gravel area on the right side of the road, just before crossing the bridge. There is room for about 6 vehicles.

It is a short walk to the creek, maybe 150 meters. On 9/2/16, I made my very first kayak trip, solo. I carried my 40-pound Wal-Mart kayak from KY-192 to the water. It started getting heavy about half-way down. If you have a four-wheel drive vehicle, you might be able to drive off-road part of the way.

The washed-out, gravel trail resides across the road from the parking area. Soon after crossing the road, turn right and descend below the bridge.

This put-in was safe for novices. I saw several children in kayaks near the bridge. The weather had been dry for about a month, so the water was low, rarely above the knees. I had to get out and carry my kayak around numerous shoals because it was dragging the bottom.

The low water made my first outing safe, but higher water would have been preferable. I should be careful what I wish for, however. The drift-wood and trees piled high against the pillars of Dykes Bridge revealed the creek’s power during flooding.

Added 9/13/16