FR 131 Falls

By Jeremy Patton

FR 131 Falls is located in Daniel Boone National Forest in Laurel County, Kentucky.

FR 131 Falls #1 on 3/28/17

The waterfalls reside on the bluffs of the Rockcastle River near the terminus of FR 131. The name is not romantic, but it is hard to come up with original names for hundreds of waterfalls (I have found nearly 300 as of 3/28/17. There are no doubt thousands in Kentucky). I do not claim authority to name them, I just do so for writing purposes.

I parked at the dead-end of FR-131 and walked along an unmarked path heading west. Soon, I noticed a pass leading below the bluffs. I descended then followed the cliff-base east.

Dead-end of FR 131

Path heading west

Pass below the bluffs

I heard crashing water from across the river. It might have been Lower Troublesome Creek Falls. When I first discovered it back in September of 2016, it was at low flow. Hearing it roar from the Laurel County side of the river reminded me to return to it under wetter conditions.

I found these waterfalls by following the bluffs west from the terminus of FR 131 (see the map). I left a few ravines unexplored because I was tired from a long hike the day before. I will return.

FR 131 Falls #1

FR 131 Falls #1

FR 131 Falls #2

FR 131 Falls #2

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