Funston Arch Complex

By Jeremy Patton

The Funston Arch Complex is located in McCreary County, Kentucky.

Funston Arch and Funston Arch Falls #2

I will not reveal its location because natural arches are common targets of vandalism.

Delania and I found the complex on 4/9/17. It was off-trail and fairly easy to get to, but a challenge to locate. We also spent a lot of time figuring out how to descend below the cliffs. Delania was not feeling well that day, so she lounged by the stream while I scouted a way down.

I counted three arches, but there may be more in the vicinity. We did not have time to thoroughly explore the area.

Delania beneath Funston Double Arch

Several waterfalls lived near the confluence of two streams that formed the complex. The main 25-foot waterfall plunged into a pool in front of a deep rockhouse. We spent much time there relaxing. It was a warm day and the temperature inside the rockhouse was about 10 degrees cooler.

Funston Arch Falls #1 on 4/9/17

The formations were facinating. The smaller stream passed beneath Funston Arch, while the double arch formed a pillar in the rockhouse. I also enjoyed several arches-in-progress.

Funston Double Arch

Arch in progress to the right

The lighting of the area made photography difficult. I was able to salvage a few shots with editing.

I look forward to returning, but I will probably wait until late fall or winter. The ticks were already out in force; I pulled several off of me when we returned to Somerset. I limit my off-trail excursions during the warmer months due to parasites and snakes.

One of the drops on Funston Arch Falls #2

I call this Funston Arch Falls #3, for lack of a better name. It is located upstream from the complex.

Delania atop Funston Arch

Added 4/11/17