Garland Bend Overlook

By Jeremy Patton

Garland Bend Overlook is located on Garland Road in Pulaski County, Kentucky.

Garland Bend 7/31/16

Garland Bend 7/31/16

From General Burnside State Park, drive south on US-27 for about two miles. Turn right onto Garland Road. Continue for less than half a mile and watch for Garland Bend on your right, a segment of the Cumberland River. Garland Road skirts the bluffs above the river, providing a stunning view.

Unfortunately, the view has been partially obstructed by private residences. The roadside north of the residences is clear and will hopefully remain free from development.

This is not an official overlook. The two main ways to view Garland Bend are to glimpse it while driving by or park in the vicinity and walk to the overlook.

Parking is possible if you are creative. Be cautious when walking on the road because it is curvy and the shoulder is narrow.

Step over the guard rail to avoid standing in the middle of the road. There is room enough there to take in the sights; it does not appear to be private property.

Delania and I suspect that there are other perches below bluff. We plan to explore this fall when the weeds and bugs are gone.

Added 8/12/16