Gun Control Memes

That can be said about any law. You would be hard pressed to find one that has not been violated. Are laws pointless because criminals will inevitably break them? Should we cease all legislation?

This meme suggests that laws do not deter gun crime. That is false. I know a man who was released from prison several years ago. As a convicted felon, he is prohibited from owning firearms. He follows the law because he does not want to return to prison.

This meme commits an ad hominem by insulting gun control advocates. It fails to support its claim that gun control does not deter crime.

Added 3/14/18

This meme ignores the instances when heroes, trained or otherwise, have used firearms to prevent attacks or minimize casualties.

If the assailant was trained, it is understandable why the good guys had trouble stopping him. Thankfully, many mass shooters have no formal training.

There are no counter strategies that are 100% effective, but some do work and they often implement firearms.

Added 3/18/18 – Updated 3/30/18

This meme makes a false correlation, claiming that Chicago’s gun laws cause its high rate of gun violence. If two events occur together, that does not necessarily mean that they correlate or have a cause-and-effect relationship.

Added 3/16/18 – Updated 4/8/18


Every developed nation that I know of has gun control, which is certainly not the same as a ban. Having a rational discussion about how guns should be regulated can be fruitful, but equating regulation to a ban is an unproductive scare tactic.

Added 3/18/18 – Updated 3/19/18

The premise of this meme is valid in some cases.

For example, some far-left gun control advocates oppose the presence of armed security in public schools, even police officers. They insist on non-violent solutions to school shootings.

It is only a matter of time until the next organized and determined assailant enters a school and commits murder. Gun legislation will not deter him. Metal detectors will not stop him. It will take a while for the police to arrive.

Schools without armed security are soft targets.

Added 3/25/18 – Updated 3/30/18

Legal gun owners do commit crimes. That is not to say that all legal gun owners are the “problem,” but I am not sure what point this meme is trying to make.

This quote is widely attributed to Ted Nugent, but I failed to confirm that he actually said it. Regardless, the logic of the meme can be critiqued.

First, the claim that there are “hundreds of millions of gun owners” in the U.S. seems far-fetched. It is more likely that there are hundreds of millions of firearms. Supporting data is needed.

Second, the statement that no gun owner today had an accident is absurd because gun owners are involved in accidents all the time. Considering their vast numbers (Mr. Nugent’s claim), it is highly improbable that a day goes by without incident.

Third, the misuse of firearms does not exclusively come from environments where there are drugs, alcohol and bad parenting. Some responsible gun owners have accidents; some minors with strict parents commit crimes.

This is another false correlation. If some cities have strict gun control and a high murder rate, it does not follow that the two events are related. One could easily point out cities with strict gun control (“strict” when compared to conservative areas, I suppose), but less murder. Do these cities prove that gun control reduces murder?

This meme offers several statistics, but provides no sources. I would not believe a word of it without fact-checking.

Added 3/25/18 – Updated 4/8/18

There are several fallacies here, but I will just comment on one.

It is true that people ignore laws and smoke pot; it is also true that laws deter people from smoking it. A friend of mine went to jail several times for possession of marijuana. He no longer smokes it because in his words, “jail was the most miserable experience of my life.”

Although laws will be disobeyed, they also deter undesirable behavior.

Whether or not guns and marijuana should be restricted is a separate issue.

Added 3/30/18 – Updated 4/12/18

Well regulated militias have killed children. If this is a swipe at Second Amendment gun rights, it is a poor one.

Added 4/8/18