Laurel River Dam Falls

By Jeremy Patton

Laurel River Dam Falls is located in Laurel County, Kentucky. As far as I know, its stream is unnamed, so I took the liberty.

Laurel River Dam Falls 12/25/16

From the intersection of KY-192 and KY-1193 in London, turn left onto KY-1193 and drive about 1.5 miles. Turn onto Power Plant Road and continue for about one mile to its terminus. Park at the turn-around near the powerhouse.

Walk along Power Plant Road back in the direction from where you came. You will soon hear crashing water on your right in a ravine below the road. It is a fairly short scramble down to the waterfall, but bushwhacking is required.

Laurel River Dam Falls was flowing well when I visited on 12/25/16; I could hear it as I drove by with my windows down. This occurred after significant rainfall, however, so remember this before you plan your visit.

It is possible to bushwhack to the base of the waterfall and even climb up to its crest atop the cliff.

Atop Laurel River Dam Falls on 12/25/16

The falls above the falls

A second waterfall resides across the road. It is more difficult to reach because you must descend into a ravine, ford Dave Branch then climb a steep hill to the waterfall. It is a tributary of Dave Branch, so I call it Dave Branch Falls. There may be other waterfalls assocated with the same stream. Dave Branch is not large, but it was a challenge to cross during flooding.

Dave Branch Falls 12/25/16

These waterfalls were a convenient side-trip due to their close proximity to Laurel Lake and the dam. They were not trashed because I doubt that many people have discovered them.

If you have time, explore the cliffs near the waterfalls. They are quite impressive.

The cliffs near Dave Branch Falls

Added 12/26/16 – Updated 1/4/17