Meadow Creek Falls

By Jeremy Patton

Meadow Creek Falls is located on Lake Cumberland, near Mill Springs Park in Wayne County, Kentucky.

Jeremy Patton at Meadow Creek Falls on 7/4/17

Shane, Angie and I visited Meadow Creek Falls on Independence Day, 2017. We parked at Mill Springs Park and carried three kayaks down to Lake Cumberland. This was not easy. I knew that there was an accessible boat ramp across the lake, but I did not know if it was open to the public. A gentleman at the mill informed me that it was indeed public, so I will remember that next time.

I do not know if you can hike from Mill Springs Park to Meadow Creek Falls. I did not see a trail. One could possibly bushwhack the woods above the lake, but you might pass through private property.

Once you put in your kayak, reaching the falls is easy. It is just around the corner to the east from the boat dock. It cannot be seen from the lake, so it receives few visitors.

Unfortunately, driftwood and trash cluttered the base of the falls and made it difficult to approach. Shane and I waded through the debris and finally reached a landing where we could exit our kayaks and boulder-hop. Angie stayed back at a safe distance. I found several discarded needles lying on the creek bank, so her caution was merited.

The waterfall reminded me of Princess Falls in McCreary County, but bigger. A beautiful passage allowed us to stroll behindĀ it for its entire length.

A small companion waterfall lives nearby. I call it North of Meadow Creek Falls.

North of Meadow Creek Falls

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