No Business Tributary Falls

By Jeremy Alan Patton

No Business Tributary Falls is located near Bald Rock Cemetery in Daniel Boone National Forest, Laurel County, Kentucky.

No Business Tributary Falls #1 on 2/4/16

No Business Tributary Falls #1 on 2/4/16

The tributary’s confluence with No Business Branch is located about 0.25 miles east of the branch’s mouth at the Rockcastle River.

From Bee Rock Recreation Area, drive east on KY-192 for approximately 2.5 miles. Turn right onto Bald Rock Cemetery Road, also known as FR 4144 (gravel). Continue for about 600 meters until you see a power-line clearing. Just before the clearing, look for a gated dirt road on your left. Park on the roadside or look for additional parking at Bald Rock Cemetery, about 0.1 miles west.

Cross the gate and follow the dirt road less than 0.5 miles down to the water. You must ford it near the confluence of two streams. No Business Tributary Falls #1 resides just below this confluence. Its rock house is tall, but a gentle slope leads to the bottom where I was able to cross the tributary again by passing behind the falls. I chose this route because I desired to explore further down-stream along the easier north side of the ravine.

No Business Tributary Waterfalls #1 on 2-4-16 From the Side

After a snow storm, snow-melt then heavy rain, my first visit on 2/4/16 could not have been timed better. The waterfall gushed into an emerald pool, creating a scene worthy of epic cinema. The branch then split into two segments, one meandering along the lowest point of the ravine, the other taking higher ground beneath a long rock shelter before reconverging. More waterfalls live on this short, dynamic stretch, with additional ones spattering down the cliffs. Overwhelmed, I lost count of them. I plan to return to this water-world and properly document it.

After less than 0.25 miles, the north side steepens and becomes impassable. I spotted a cascading waterfall on the south side. I back-tracked, forded the tributary then bushwacked to the waterfall. I will call it No Business Tributary Falls #3, although it is really a tributary of a tributary.

No Business Tributary Falls #3 on 2/4/16

No Business Tributary Falls #3 on 2/4/16

It might be possible to continue down the ravine along its south side, but the rhodendron grew thick, obscuring my view. I ran out of time and was forced to retreat.

I explored only a fraction of the tributary, but I have a feeling that more marvels await discovery.

The hike from Bald Rock Cemetery to No Business Tributary Falls #1 is short, but moderately difficult due to steep hills on the return trip. The ravine is navigable at least up to No Business Tributary Falls #3, but can be hazardous if you are a poor decision maker.


On 2/6/16, I introduced my buddy Shane to No Business Tributary Falls #1. The water was slightly lower than two days earlier, so I took the opportunity to examine the waterfalls residing just below the big falls. As you can see in the photo, taken within the rock shelter, there are three waterfalls that cascade in succession. To keep things simple, I will name them No Business Tributary Falls #2.

No Business Tributary Falls #2

No Business Tributary Falls #2

No Business Trib. Falls Map

Added 2/5/16 – Updated 2/8/16