Peaceful Cove Falls

By Jeremy Patton

Peaceful Cove Falls is located on Lake Cumberland in Wayne County, Kentucky.

Jeremy and Shane atop Peaceful Cove Falls South on 7/4/17

On Independence Day, 2017, Shane, Angie and I carried our kayaks from the parking lot at Mill Springs Park down to the dock. This was difficult. I knew of a few easier boat ramps in the area, but only learned later that one of them was public access.

From the dock, paddle north along the lakeshore for maybe 0.6 miles. You will pass two major waterfalls: Mill Springs Falls and Meadow Creek Falls (tucked away in a blind cove). You will definitely want to visit them.

Peaceful Cove Falls resides in the first cove north of Meadow Creek. I noticed that a nearby road was called Peaceful Cove Lane, so I named them accordingly.

Shane and I exited our kayaks and climbed into the cliffs above Peaceful Cove Falls South. The area was slick and weedy, but we managed to not break our necks or get snake-bit. We wore our cheap water shoes and waded in the cool, gushing springs.

We paddled across the cove to Peaceful Cove Falls North, but did not exit our kayaks; we needed to leave soon. I plan to investigate the cliffs on a future visit, to determine if it is a spring or cave.

Peaceful Cove Falls North

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