Rockcastle Bridge Falls (KY-80)

By Jeremy Patton

Rockcastle Bridge Falls (KY-80) is located in Daniel Boone National Forest in Laurel County, Kentucky.


Rockcastle Bridge Falls East 12/26/15

Rockcastle Bridge Falls (KY-80) from Front 12-26-15

Rockcastle Bridge Falls (KY-80) from Other Side 12-26-15

From London, drive west on KY-80 to the Rockcastle River. You will see guard rails on either side of the road leading up to the bridge. Park on the right side of the road in front of the guard rail. Cross to the south side, walk behind the guard rail and follow it to a man-made drain. The drain leads below the road where you will find the falls and a big rock house.

Delania and I hiked in the area on 12/26/15. While returning to our vehicles, we spotted the waterfall across the highway. Several days of hard rain caused flooding that made it easy to see.

Even with the road in sight, the waterfall still retains its beauty. It is one of the most easily accessible falls that I have found, although descending along the drainage can be slippery.

KY-80 from Rockcastle Bridge Falls 12-26-15

Later that day, I followed the cliff-line south beyond Rockcastle Bridge Falls East for several miles. I discovered numerous unmarked trails, one of them leading to another gorgeous waterfall that I will write about later. I also explored the river and passed under the Rockcastle bridge. Its architecture and size were impressive. Beavers have been waging war against the trees there. It was a one-sided slaughter.

Delania Under the Rock House at Rockcastle Bridge Falls 12-26-15


1/23/17 – I found another waterfall on the west side of the bridge in Pulaski County. I will call it Rockcastle Bridge Falls West. It is not as impressive or beautiful as the east waterfall, but I was happy with the discovery. Winter is best time to visit it because it is surrounded by brush and thorns.

Rockcastle Bridge Falls West (KY-80) on 1/23/17

Park on the roadside near the guard rail and climb down into the ravine to the north. The east waterfall is a good place to take your girlfriend, mother or children. The west waterfall, not so much.

I first suspected that it was man-made, possibly the result of a crumbling drainage ditch. Although the ground around the waterfall was eroding, none of it appeared to be made of gravel or concrete.

Added 12/28/15 – Updated 2/6/17