Wayside Arch

By Jeremy Alan Patton

The Wayside Arch is located in Daniel Boone National Forest in Laurel County, Kentucky.

Wayside Arch 2-13-16

Wayside Arch 2-13-16

I found it when I parked at the Wayside Exhibit on KY-192 (near the 5-mile marker) then walked along the roadside, examining some of the features that caught my attention over the years at 55 miles per hour. It resides about 0.25 miles from the exhibit.

Regrettably, I will not provide directions because such places attract imbecilic vandals.

The arch was part of a three-tier rockhouse, an intriguing area, but I decided to postpone exploration due to the precarious ice blocks lining the cliffs.

Huge Ice Sickles 2-13-16

Ice Sickles from Beneath the Rock House 2-13-16

Some might not consider this an arch at all. Indeed, the opening is small. You might be able to squeeze a large Chihuahua through it, if you lube him up first.

A shallow trench leads from the road to the highest ledge, no doubt creating a weak waterfall that drips into the ravine below. The weather was frigid on 2/13/16, which froze its course.

The cold compelled me to keep moving, but I mustered enough will-power to sit still for a few moments, pondering the arch. In its infancy, I wondered how long the elements would take to sculpt it into an opening large enough for a Rottweiler.

Added 2/14/16